Tips on Choosing a travel destination..

Travelling is every person’s dream. We spend months saving and days mulling over travel sites, with a multi-million dollar question in every mind “where should I travel?”

So here are a few things to consider if you are unsure where to go next on your vacation….

Why Do You Want to Travel?
Ask your self, “Why Do You Want to Travel?” It really helps in narrowing down the place you would want to visit.
For me, travelling means checking things off my bucket list, learning new things, expanding my perspective, having adventures and off-course relaxing  from the hustle and bustle of the regular city life while experiencing local cuisine and  posting it out here on my blog…

How much time are you willing to spare?
Ask your self if it is quality or quantity your are looking for? I always choose quality as it gives me a reason to travel back again just incase I tend to skip things or admire just a few sites..

Take a note on How many days you intend on spending in the particular place and how much do you want to spend en route?

Know your Budget:

Travel does not necessitate a large amount of cash, so do not let your budget stop you from travelling. If you are travelling on a shoestring, remember that even the most expensive countries or cities have a budget option like hostel, home stay where you can cook your own food and use public transport or for that matter explore the city by foot. Try travelling off season where in you can get cheap air tickets (avoid weekends, as fight tickets turn out expensive and even a hike in hotel tariff).

Be open minded and decisive:
Never heard of the place? Well Google has the answer to all your questions. Right from hotels to restaurants and checking its safety. Be decisive, if you have found a place hurry and book it now. Do not waste your time in thinking months or weeks together.

Always remember, “Your will only regret the things you didn’t do.”
This thought is always on my mind when I decide on my travel destination and a reason I am always open for adventures in my journey..



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