Travel Packing Tips


If it is your first trip or not, it is always helpful to know what you want to pack. while everyone desires to follow thumb rules of travel, “take as little as possible”, some are successful; others can’t help but bring everything. Over the years, the way I pack my bag has changed. Here is an insight on my travel packing tips.

Regular traveler 
If you are a regular traveler keep the basics in your bag. It does save a lot of your time.

Plan ahead

Plan your trip well in advance, it not only helps to get better and cheaper deals with flights, bus, trains, hotels etc, but also avoids over packing.


Make a List for packing

downloadBased on the where you are travelling and how many days your travel would last make a list on clothing, toiletries, electronic gadgets and accessories, money, id proofs, etc. It helps you pack on day to day essentials. It is a safe way to ensure that you never forget to bring something important.



88.pngSelect the type and number of suitcase or bag you would like to carry based on your trip. The most important aspect is to select a bag that’s lightweight and big enough to carry all your requirements and yet being easy and comfortable to carry.  If you are intending to shop in the place you are travelling then, pack a little less to save space for your shopping. Carry a fold able bag along in case you fall short of space.



While choosing the clothes check the climate of the destination. Carry clothes which you can mix and match, easy wash and drip-dry fabrics, that don’t need ironing.




If you carry toiletries make sure you keep them small, light and limited. Buy small travel bottles to transfer the content or small sized products (even sachets). Some essential toiletries  toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, face wash, sunscreen, hand sanitizer.

Ziploc bags

download (2).jpg

Ziploc can be used to put all your toiletries in your toiletries, so as it does not spill in the bag and mess the clothes, it can be also used to store electronic devices


First Aid Kit 

download (3)
If you have been  prescribed medication on a daily bases, make sure it is legal to carry or consult your doctor and have a substitute to it. Also carry 7 extras just in case your stay gets prolonged. cold, migraine, allergy, multivitamins, and body pain in your first aid kit.


Electronic Gadgets and accessories

Gadgets are a part of daily routine. Make sure of the gadgets you carrying are useful . Many counties have banned caring gadgets on board so inquire if you are allowed to carry your laptop and camera on board. carry a torch in case there is a power failure. and memory cards in case you are carrying a DSLR. Also invest in a good power banks (they are a big life savors these days) and carry all the necessary chargers.

Travel documents and wallet

Have a folder or a travel wallet that can hold all your travel documents together all in one place. Before you travel, make sure you check your tickets, passport, id proof, visa, hotel confirmation, emergency local contact numbers and adresses, etc are all in your wallet.Make sure you have enough cash for the travel, also do check if your debit/credit cards are in the wallet. Also informing your bank in advance that you would be travelling  with the respective debit/credit card and they do not block the transaction on fraudulent basis

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  1. Pack wisely. bring in the most important things first and try to distinguish which one is more important. Try to use some of roadeavour soap sheets instead of bringing bulky soap bars. It will save you weight and space.

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