From Mount Sinai to Cairo

I woke up early  to this scenic beauty at 6 a.m.

Mount Sinai

We traveled for over 8 hours from Mount Sinai to reach Giza. The journey started at 10 am. We had a convoy escorting us all the way through since the  was isolated. we came across small habitats of the Bedouin (nomadic peoples of the Middle Eastern deserts). All through the journey I wondered how they lived in such harsh climate with nothing around. Our guide Mr. Mohammad and Mr. Noor were kind enough to answer my queries  and informed me stating Bedouins ate bread, rice dates, seasoned rice, yogurt and milk and meat from their animals. The convoy was for our protection as in the past  there were instances where tourist were attacked in these isolated areas, which in turn effected tourism in Egypt, so in order to boost tourism and for tourism safely a convey is deputed to each tourist.

We traveled through scenic landscape. A honest confession out here is that  most of the pictured were captured by my eye.

Mount Sinai to Cairo
Mount Sinai to Cairo

We passed through the suisse canal to reach Cairo. Ones in Cairo we experienced the never ending traffic and  reached our hotel only at 7:30 p.m., We checked in and freshened up  to go to the Nile cruise. I dint take my camera out here because I had the best camera my eyes to capture every memory along with me. The cruise started with some karaoke songs followed by belly dancing and Nubian Folkloric and a lot more. We indeed ended our day with memories that will never fade away.



18 thoughts on “From Mount Sinai to Cairo

    1. Thanks a lot Charu for stopping by and appreciating my work. Although I haven’t been to Kaza in Spiti Valley, I did check on google and it resembles a lot. And I have added the place to my bucket list. It’s so wonderful meeting like minded people and exchanging destinations.. Cheers,


      1. Valonia, Thank you so much💛💛 We did Spiti Road trip with our 11 months old baby boy in April last year… I have added Spiti section as well to help travelers as the region is not very touristy or accessible throughout the year. If you do plan, let me know… ☺️☺️we can do it together.


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