A visit to Ein Kerem, Monastery of the Mount of Temptation and Dead Sea.

We began our day with a sumptuous breakfast and stepped in the coach to begin our journey to Ein Kerem.
Mr. Hani briefed us with the sites in Ein Kerem, in which the village of Ein Kerem (Karem), on the west side of Jerusalem, is the birthplace of John the Baptist.

We first visited the Church of Saint John the Baptist, it commemorated the birth place of John the Baptist.

A view of the Church of St. John
Interior of the Church
Birth place of St. John the Baptist

We later proceeded to The Visitation church, which is Said to be built over the home of John the Baptist’s parents. The church was designed by  Antonio Barluzzi. We climed over 100 steps to reach to the church which stands high up on the hillside of Ein Kerem.  The mosaic illustrates on the church wall of  Mary’s visit. She is shown riding a donkey; from Nazareth to Ein Karem.

The Visitation church
Mary meets Elizabeth, at the Church of the Visitation
One of the many paintings on the ceiling of the church
A collection of Magnificant” – which means the Song of Mary in over 40 languages.

As we got done we walked back to the coach to proceed to Monastery of the Mount of Temptation. Since it was a long journey we involved our-self in singing hymns and also learning some from Mr. Paul (the Proprietor  of Zion Tours & Travels) and it was a incredible journey.

Although we dint go up-to the Monastery we saw it from a distance and has a brief given to us. To reach the Monastery one had to travel by cable car trip from Jericho. The place is know for the place where Jesus was tempted after his fast in the desert. There is a chapel of the Temptation where it is said that Jesus sat during his temptation.

Monastery of the Mount of Temptation

As we stepped back in the coach and began proceeding to the Dead Sea we stopped by the Sycamore Tree. Although it is not the same tree that Zacchaeus climbed  to see Jesus.

Sycamore Tree

Our last stop for the day was the Dead Sea. Up on reaching were changed into our swim swear to experience how it feels effortlessly in the water.  The Dead Sea has a salt level of a 33%.

Lowest Point on Earth
Dead Sea
And there was a camel ride too
The sun set by the Dead Sea


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