Mount Zion with the Zion Family

As we walked to Mount Zion admiring the surrounding and passing through the Zion Gate to the Dormation Abbey, we walked through the courtyard and Mr Hani briefed us on the place stating, Mount Zion marks the place where Mary the mother of Jesus reached the end of her earthly life.

Dormation Abbey
The entrance to the church

Although the above picture shows in the entrance to the church we entered the church from a side entrance.  On entering we saw a mosaic picture of Mary and child Jesus in the center. We than walked down the stairs which lead us to the crypt. Which  located in a level under the church. One can see the sculpture of Mary’s deathbed, made of ivory and cherrywood. 

Sculpture of Mary’s deathbed
Jesus (in the center) surrounded Eve, Esther, Ruth, Yael, Judith and Mary sister of Moses.

We moved out and  walked to The entrance to the complex of King David’s tomb and the Last supper  room.

The Last Supper Room
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We later proceeded to the Tomb of King David, which is divided into two sections for women and men respectively.

Tomb of King David
A sculpture of King David playing the Harp

As we all gathered near the statue of King David, Mr. Hani gave us a brief of our last site on Mount Zion Church of St Peter in Gallicantu and House of Caiaphas, which was  located on the eastern slope of Mount Zion. The church’s location is said to be the exact spot in which the High Priest Caiaphas’ palace. The church was dedicated to commemorate Peter’s denial of Christ.

 Church of St Peter in Gallicantu and House of Caiaphas
On its roof rises a golden rooster a black cross — recalling Christ’s prophesy that Peter would deny him three times “before the cock crows”. Galli-cantu means cockcrow in Latin.
The statue that commemorates Peter’s denial.

We walked down to the underground cave which was the  House of Caiaphas, where Jesus was kept before his trail. We had a wonderful prayer session  and felt Jesus immensely amidst us.

The Ruins near the House of Caiaphas
The steps which Jesus walked

Thus we ended the visit to Mount Zion experiencing wonderful presence of Jesus  and being spiritually being touched.




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