Walking in the city of Bethlehem

We entered the city of Bethlehem which is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank. Our Guide Mr. Hani told us that  meaning of Bethlehem “House of Meat” in Hebrew and House of Bread” in Ancient Greek. 

Our first spot in Bethlehem was the Shepherds’ Fields
It is located in the village of Beit Sahour. The fields identified since ancient times with the shepherds who saw the Star of Nativity.


Our next stop was at the Milk Grotto
We walked a few minutes from Manger square to the Milk Grotto also known as Magharet Sitti Mariam, “Grotto of the Lady Mary”. Mr Hani informed us that The Holy Family took refuge here during the Slaughter of the Innocents, before their flight into Egypt.  and while Mary was nursing Jesus, a drop of milk fell to the ground, turning it white.

Pathway to the Milk Grotto
Entrance to the Milk Grotto



Our next stop was The Church of Nativity
It is one of the most holy site for Christians, as it marks the traditional place of Christ’s birth.

Church of Nativity
Door of Humanity
The Door of Humility


Looking a small entrance to the church we all were astonished. We were told that the  rectangular entrance to the church,  to prevent carts being driven in by looters.

The grotto under St Catherine’s Church, which is used by the Roman Catholics, is much more low key and most visitors were in quiet prayer and reflection in the series of chapels throughout the cave complex
Entrance to the Grotto
Star marking the traditional site on which Jesus was born in the Grotto of the Nativity.
Mosaic floor from Constantine’s church


After completing our last site we walked back to the place our bus was parked and drove to the Hotel, with a bright smile cause we would be visiting Jerusalem on the next day.


19 thoughts on “Walking in the city of Bethlehem

  1. Felt took a walk on the history! I am not a Christian and know little about religious myths however the pictures are breathtaking and warmth with human accomplishment. Absolutely loved it 🙂 great work

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