Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is one of the Holiest sites in the modern day country of Jordan. The spot provides a unique natural balcony for a panoramic view of the Promised land which Moses had seen, that he would never.

The first church was constructed in the second half  of the 4th century. The church was enlarged and transformed into a Basilica in the 6th century. The site was abandoned by 1564 and remained neglected for many centuries.  The site was finally taken over by the Franciscans, who excavated and restored the area

Elements of a Byzantine Basilica were uncovered and have been incorporated into the structure of the modern church building known as the Memorial Church of Moses.

Entrance to the Memorial Church of Moses.
Panoramic view of the Promise Land
The Memorial Church of Moses
The Abu Badd: Rolling stone used as a fortified door used in the Byzantine Monastery in the old village of Faisaliya
The Brazen Serpent monument: During the Exodus journey God sent plague. God also instructed Moses to erect a  bronze serpent on a pole to stop the plague. All those who looked up to the raised serpent.



Interiors of the church


Ruins of the Byzantine Church
A hunting and herding scene mosaic with man and an fauna including a zebu, lion, tiger, bear, boar, zebra, an ostrich on a leash
The Oldest Mosaic remains a Braided Cross




The Commemorative statue of Pope John Paul II

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